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Chile is a country of great diversity, offers desert, beaches, volcanoes, lakes, rivers, snow capped mountains and valleys. Chile´s varied ecosystems create a great attraction nature lovers. The rich cultural heritage, generate interesting neighborhoods and heritage buildings, impressive archaeological sites and a rich living culture expressed in festivals and colorful folk customs.

Chile is also the best southern hemisphere skies for astronomical observation, northern country is ideal for being clear skies and clean, therefore its observatories are known worldwide and have world class technology.

Chile is a cosmopolitan country, there are hundreds of places for a night out, have fun and buy, for travelers of all ages. The blend of traditional Indian food with Spanish heritage makes our cuisine rich and varied. The salmon, oysters and fruit are exported to the world. The diversity of climates and valleys generate the excellence of our world-renowned wines.

Visit us and experience all the senses in one place ... a paradise at the end of the world.
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